Our company was established in 1998. Since that we have realized many projects and have built a successful economy bridge between European Union and South Eastern Europe in cooperation with our business partners.

"European projects" GmbH is a Strategy Consultants agency for setting up business contacts, mediation in projects and business activities in the field of law, economy and culture in Europe. The special field of our interest are investment activities of German companies and establishing of cooperation in terms of production (and technology). We also engage ourselves in EU Funds analysis as well as establishing lobbies helping the countries, Non-Members with the EU, to participate, on an equal basis, on the European market, bringing them to the level in existence in the EU territory.

Your partner for south-eastern Europe
Agency for improovement of law, economy and culture in Europe
Economic prospects, challenges and opportunities for Southeastern Europe
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Economic situation in the Southeastern Europe and how to attract investment capital (pdf file)